Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Tetzlaff

Chris Tetzlaff has been doing quite a bit of work for IT4Causes recently as a way to give back to organizations in the Richmond Community. He has been involved in various forms of volunteer work for over 20 years and has said, “I really value being able to contribute through volunteer organizations.”

Chris has been helping IT4Causes to implement SalesForce and working with ReEstabilsh Richmond to fine tune their client tracking workbooks while he was looking for his next full time job.  We’re happy to report that Chris has landed a roles was a role at Estes Express Lines!  He feels that volunteering with IT4Causes has allowed his to leverage his existing skills and keep his resume current while learning through helping nonprofits.

Chris enjoys the ability to help nonprofits who are not able to put a lot of resources into their IT but who would greatly benefit from up to date and reliable software.